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Most of the vineyards were planted in the first half of the 20th century by Ramón Valle and Ramón Peique, grandfather and great-uncle respectively of the current generation at the head of the winery.


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Since 1999

Peique made its market debut in the 1999 vintage with 10,000 bottles. Today, production is around 150,000 bottles. Young wines are still prominent, but aged reds have been gaining attention lately. The winery also produces a rosé and a Godello aged on lees.

As is relatively common in Bierzo, Mencía grapes destined for young reds are sourced from fairly old vineyards – at Peique, they range from 75 to 90 years old. The same goes for Ramón Valle, a red wine aged for seven months in French oak.

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Bodegas Peique is a family run estate in the tiny village of Valtuille de Abajo in El Bierzo where it nestles on the slopes of El Castro de la Ventosa, an ancient pre-Roman archaeological site. Perhaps it is no surprise then, that in a land like this entire families are deeply committed to winemaking.

Bodegas Peique is no different and is the culmination of 90 years and 3 generations of hard work and winemaking expertise making wines from the highest quality Godello and old vine Mencia.

The path is not easy, but our family is committed to ensuring that you enjoy each glass you pour.

El Rapolao: a day into the myth

Valtuille de Abajo [el bierzo]

El Rapolao is one of the most famous places in El Bierzo. It is located in the town of Valtuille de Abajo, facing northwest, in the coldest area of the town and at an altitude of 550 meters.

The sun shines in El Rapolao for one hour less than in the rest of the nearby vineyards, the soils combine stones and red clays rich in iron and the wines that come from it year after year offer a delicacy only within the reach of the greatest, perfumes lovely and delicate tannins.

El Rapolao is one of the coolest parajes in Valtuille.

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